Printing pizza

College students know a lot about pizza. Because it’s staple of the college student diet, there is no better group to come up with a design for a pizza box.

The Graphic Design and Communications Department paired up with BSC Mystic Marketplace to create a design for a pizza box. The Mystic Marketplace doesn’t run a standard pizza business; most of its pizza is catered to on-campus events. Creating a box design is another way to help promote BSC.

The freshmen students were divided into four groups, each group coming up with at least one design. The Mystic Marketplace staff voted and selected the design seen in the photos. After some behind-the-scenes preparation by instructors, the freshmen went to work screen printing about 40 boxes that will be used by Mystic Marketplace.

The overall image of the pizza box shown here is still missing the brown that is printed in the logo and on the pizza cutter handle.

Printing-Brown Printing-Green Almost-Finished

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