The Mandan Campus


Mechanical Maintenance Technology students discuss how to overcome a challenge with the Rube Goldberg-style machine.

Students prepare the machine for another test run.

Students prepare the machine for another test run.

Shortly before spring break, the freshman Graphic Design and Communications students visited the Bismarck State College Mechanical Maintenance Technology program in Mandan. The class was working on creating a Rube Goldberg-style machine to raise a flag.

The GDC students photographed the machine in action and under construction. Everyone was surprised by the complexity of the machine that featured tiny cars cutting strings and mouse traps popping balloons.

The instructor, Norlyn Swenson, devised the assignment to help students understands the six basic machines, to enhance problem solving skills and to help students learn to work in a group atmosphere.

The GDC students learned about shooting photos in conditions they cannot control and around people they are not familiar with. Their goal was to document the machine and the people that worked on the project.

Thanks to Norlyn Swenson for allowing us to shoot photos in your lab.

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