The first week is behind us

It was great to see the familiar faces of the sophomore students the first week of class. The freshmen students are all new faces.

Friday for the freshmen focused on being creative and looking outside of boundaries. After a couple short quizzes, the students started on individual creative activities as a warm up.

The next exercise has been used the past few years and always builds creativity and brings down boundaries since it is done in small groups. It’s called “Get Paul a Promotion.” The concept is that Paul is a struggling advertising sales person and needs a great pitch to move up the corporate ladder, but the products he is pitching can be crazy.

Students draw an audience, a product and a description from three separate envelopes. The five-person groups come up with a product and pitch that fits what they have drawn. The products are bizarre, but they force students to think differently and communicate with their classmates. After creating the product and talking about the pitch, they present their ideas to the class. It usually generates a lot of laughter as well.

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