Post Chip Kidd

Despite the weather (record snow fall in a single day for Bismarck, ND) Chip Kidd was able to make it to North Dakota. He gave three presentations a week ago on April 16th.

The noon session was a creative writing work shop. He read from his best seller The Cheese Monkeys and discussed his personnel writing style.

In the afternoon he addressed a group of over 60 graphic design students (past and present) with a very informal Q&A.  For an hour and a half students asked nonstop questions. Picking the brain of one of the most successful graphic designers working in the field today. Chip did his utmost to give the best advice and insight into a profession most of these students are about to embark on.

The evening was topped off with a funny, informative peek into the life of a successful graphic designer and author. Chip Kidd made a huge impact to a lot of students last week. An impact that  will be felt for years to come.


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