Looking directly at the Sun(dog)

BSC Graphic Design and Communications graduate Rob Burke took time out of his Saturday morning to give a tour of where he works – Sundog Marketing and Technology in Fargo. Burke works primarily with video and motion graphics for Sundog.

It was a great tour and an amazingly creative space. Covering multiple floors and disciplines, it included several spaces to encourage collaboration and creativity. The space was certainly as interesting as those of any agency in any city.

Burke talked about some of the work he’s done while at Sundog including shooting video in multiple states and working with some of the newest equipment. He said that the job is challenging and creative – in short, he sounds like he loves it.

Thanks for the tour Rob.


As soon as you step off the elevator you know where you are.

An editing booth at Sundog in Fargo, N.D.

An editing booth at Sundog in Fargo, N.D.

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