Life one frame at a time

Fridays run differently in the Graphic Design and Communications department. Generally the instructors collaborate on a single theme or project and work with students in a lighter atmosphere.

This project was stop-action video. None of the Freshmen students and only one of the Sophomore students had any experience with stop-action, but it was about more than that. The students were forced to hand illustrate the projects and collaborate on their ideas. All of the students were involved in one way or another.

After completing the process and discussing it with students, most comments were similar – more collaboration and more planning would have improved the videos. It was great to watch the students work together on the project.

Three groups of freshmen created stop-action videos with only a white board and markers. They only received a few minutes of training and almost no rules. Of the three videos, this was most popular:

This video was created by the Sophomore Graphic Design and Communications students created this stop-action piece for another student that has been away from class for several weeks.

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