Hope for the Future

Two years ago Jeanette Myrhe Elementary students scored low in a Gallup poll in two areas: Hope and what the future holds for them beyond elementary and high school.

The staff and faculty took action and created a program called Hope for the Future. Local and state colleges teamed up with individual classrooms and a job fair was set up in the gymnasium to highlight possible career paths. Results have been positive with overall test scores on the rise and kids talking about what they want to do “after” they graduate from college. Parents of students have been affected by this program and some have gone back to school to be positive role models for their children. Other grade schools are now interested in adopting Hope for the Future for their students.

To help Hope for The Future go forward with a consistent message.The advanced design students at BSC were asked to develop an identity. Below are some of the logos designed for Hope for the Future. A special thank you to Linda Anderson and Jo Brekke of Jeanette Myrhe Elementary and Rita Nodland of Bismarck State College.

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