GDC Students Win with ‘Skills’


The Promotional Bulletin Board Team comprised of second year students Kayla Miller, Taylor Kurtz and first year student Ethan Arlien took first place.


Second place Promotional Bulletin Board went to first year students Jerica Jesz and Miranda Nelson.


Advertising Design finalists Kayla Miller (2nd), Taylor Kurtz (1st) and Makayla Graner (3rd).


Brock Brosious took home a second place in Photography.

High school and college students across the state of North Dakota competed in this year’s State SkillsUSA competition held April 3-5 on the Bismarck State College campus in the Career and Technology Center. Sixteen BSC Graphic Design and Communications Students took part in three different skill areas: Advertising Design, Promotional Bulletin Board and Photography. Among the winners were first year students Ethan Arlien, Monte Arso, Chelsy Ciavarella, Jerica Jesz, and Miranda Nelson as well as second year students Brock Brosious, Taylor Kurtz, Kayla Miller, and Makayla Graner. Students who placed first may compete at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference held June 19-24 in Kansas City.

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