Creative Collaboration: Timeboxing


An efficient creative process affords designers a powerful method for solving design problems, but often individuals ‘short change’ a step because they believe it will give them quicker results. In a recent creative collaboration exercise, first year Graphic Design and Communications students were organized into teams. Each team drew three random cards: one had a descriptive phrase, another a product/service and the third a target audience. The teams were tasked with creating a visual identity for their chosen categories making sure to devote a specified amount of time to each step of the creative process. By ‘timeboxing’ collaboratively, the teams were able to develop an original concept and produce results in just a couple hours. A team spokesperson then presented the finished concepts to all participants, explaining the rationale behind the team’s design choices. In the end all individuals had the opportunity to ‘vote’ for their favorite concept using a ballot of post-it notes. The work was challenging given the time constraints, but each team did a great job of working through the process.

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