50s Smart Phone

Imagine if the smart phone was a technology developed in the 1950s. How would the advertising of that era showcase this modern marvel? Students in the Typography class were challenged with this concept. Given a stock image they were to design an ad featuring a smart phone being careful to use typefaces and design trends common in the 1950s. It was a great way to stress how important design details are to the historical context of a piece.

Tell me a story in three photos or more

Photos can tell us so much – emotion, time, location and more. Sometimes it’s very hard to convey something specific, even a couple words with a photo. In this case, the goal was to illustrate a specific saying using a few photos and a lot of Photoshop work. The sophomore Graphic Design and Communications students did a great job, can you guess the sayings?

One button made my life Photoshop world better

I don’t know how I missed this shortcut for so many years, but it has made my photo editing workflow a little smoother.

I really like the tools in the camera raw editor for photo toning and color work, but I don’t like the way that it handles cloning and the lack of layers. The drawback with the raw editor for me has been that after I click the Open Image button at the bottom of the screen, my raw editing tools are gone.

There is a way to go back and forth between the raw editor and Photoshop seamlessly. With the raw file open in the raw editor, hold down the Shift key, the Open Image button will change to Open Object. The raw image is opened in Photoshop, but it is a Smart Object, you can modify the image in Photoshop and double clicking it will allow changes to made in the raw editor again. You can go back and forth between the Photoshop and the raw editor as often as necessary.

Unfortunately, if you do your raw editing in Lightroom, I don’t believe there is a way to work back and forth.

Groovy movies

One of the best parts of being a teacher in the Graphic Design and Communications Department is watching students grow.

The sophomores are only a couple months from graduation and they have really figured out how to apply all of the pieces of their education. The movie posters they created based on real or fictional films are exceptional. The main photo for each piece was shot by the student and they handled the design as well.