Arafa Visit Persuades and Inspires

Mahmoud Arafa, CEO and Creative Director of DesignFrame USA/Egypt, braved the Midwest winter wind and snow to meet with Bismarck State College Graphic Design and Communications students on Wednesday, October 27. Due to poor flying conditions, Arafa’s Tuesday connecting flight from Minneapolis was delayed until Wednesday morning. The weather was of little consequence to the group of students who were able to take in Arafa’s afternoon session in the department.

Arafa ended the evening with a public session from BSC’s National Center of Excellence Auditorium where he graciously shared his knowledge and expertise with an audience of students, campus staff and faculty, as well as members of the professional design community on how to use simplicity to persuade others in communication.

This visit served as more of a physical follow-up for Arafa who was featured in a publicly-attended campus iChat last October between BSC, his Washington, D.C. office and the design staff at his Cairo office. Despite the blast of winter weather, Arafa very much enjoyed his visit to North Dakota and was thankful for the ‘wonderful two days [he] spent in Bismarck’.

Arafa’s presentation is available for viewing on Bismarck State College’s iTunes U site. Click here to view.


Mahmoud Arafa addresses an afternoon design session

Arafa 'taps' a point home with the assistance of a willing student volunteer

Arafa ‘taps’ a point home with the assistance of a willing student volunteer

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