About the Program

A variety of job opportunities exist for the graphic designer in advertising agencies, print shops, retail stores, company ad departments, public relations departments and in the advertising departments of all news media – from newspapers to television. As a graphic designer, you might do the technical drawings for parts and service manuals for a large company or you might work as a one-person department for a small company, coordinating all phases of graphics, publicity, and product support – from concept to production, to being responsible for organizing multi-media presentations. A wide variety of career possibilities are available depending on individual talents and experience. Salaries depend on experience and skills as well as the type of organization for which the graduate works.

The Graphic Design and Communications program at BSC is designed to give each graduating student a good exposure to the many phases of the graphic design field. Study includes both classroom instruction and lab time in a well-equipped modern computer studio, where students develop skills in layout and typography, print media, prepress operations, print production, web design, and electronic imaging. Coursework covers preparing photography, illustration and design for print and online publications as well as the design and layout of advertisements, direct mail, brochures, posters and publications. Each student is expected to prepare a portfolio – a collection of his/her best works – to be used in future job interviews.

For more information contact Sean Thorenson at 701.224.5564.

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