Guest Speaker Matt Cole: EMP Environmental Designer

matt_coleThe second year students had the opportunity today to listen to Matt Cole, an environmental designer with the EMP Museum in Seattle. The Skype presentation was made possible by Jason Lueder, who made initial contact with Matt while visiting the museum this summer. Cole shared four case studies that focused on exhibit designs that he had worked on, outlining the entire process, from the initial concept to finished installation. This insight will prove helpful to the students who will act as, not only designers, but content curators, builders and installers on the program display cases that will be updated in December of this year.

Shooting wide

The sophomores’ photography education centers around working in the studio with a couple of exceptions, one of them being a panoramic assignment.

The photos are created by stitching together six or more images in Photoshop to build a photo that can be incredibly large – often more than five-feet wide in its original format.

A short story

Children’s’ stories almost always use illustrations rather than photos to tell a story.

This sophomore assignment was just the opposite – choose a short story and illustrate it using photography and Photoshop. The exercise was meant to get students comfortable with their tools after the summer and to build creativity. The results are amazing.

Click on the thumbnails to view a .pdf of the project.

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