The old days

I ran across these old images from the Commercial Art program. The images were also posted on Facebook. Former students have guessed that they are from about 1989.

Starting a club

After a couple years of discussion, the Graphic Design students have a club to call their own.

Thursday, Sept. 5 the club held its first meeting and handled a lot of business in a short time. About 18 enthusiastic freshmen and sophomores worked to adopt a basic constitution and elect officers.

The officers elected are:

  • Tiahna Wagner – President
  • Keely Fogarty – Vice President
  • Rachel Handeland – Secretary
  • Kimberly Schmitz – Treasurer
  • Lindsey Hefta – Reporter
  • Derek Lockrem – SGA Representative

It was a great showing and it will be great to watch the club evolve.