Halloween Masquerade

The first year digital illustration students have been doing vector drawings for several weeks, but because today is Halloween we found it appropriate to feature a collection of some of their most recent creations. The objective was to do a limited two-color illustration that took advantage of symmetry and transformations to achieve consistency and improve efficiency in production. On behalf of all of us, have a safe and Happy Halloween!
Click on the image above to view the video.

The oldest animations on the web

The internet has been accessible long enough that we can talk about the “old days,” although the old days still seem like a time before the web. One of the oldest image file formats used on the web is the GIF, or Graphic Interchange Format. It can be used for still images or very basic animations like those created by sophomore students and shown below. Although two of the images appear white, click on them to watch the animation.

Graphic writing

Teaching graphic design is a little like building a home. The steps happen in a logical order – the roof can’t go on until the walls are up.

The foundation of the freshmen students’ education has been laid and they are now able to complete more creative projects. The type-image project introduces a couple small concepts, but mostly focuses on showing the students real world applications of custom brushes and masking techniques that have already been covered.

Those aren’t our students!


Deb Mantz brought her Intro to Computers students to the Graphic Design and Communications computer labs to spend a class learning a little about Macs. Her class is taught on Windows-based machines and today gave her students a chance to try a different kind of computer. The message we worked to provide was that the computer is a tool – both types can produce the same end results and that there are many more similarities than differences.