Dancing at Lughnasa

Bismarck State College Theatre, since last year, will be performing two plays in the fall semester. The first of these productions is Dancing at Lughnasa. The play is based in Ireland, 1936 and centers around five sisters. Here are some posters the Graphic Design and Communication students designed based on their interpretation of the play.

Unidentified flying objects

Thousands of people claim to have seen a UFO, some even claim to have photographic evidence.

Tabloid papers frequently carry UFO images and the internet is ripe with obvious fakes as well. The Sophomore Graphic Design and Communications students have now raised the bar on fake UFO images. The assignment wasn’t easy, the students had to do their own photography, plus make creative UFO images, but they created some real masterpieces.

Looking back

Friday the Sophomore Graphic Design and Communications classes checked out Bismarck Art and Galleries Association. The current exhibit in the main gallery is the photography of L.A. Huffman. Huffman photographed eastern Montana between 1879 and 1931. His photos represent a great cross section of life of the era.

Students were able to see the historic images and discuss the techniques used contrasting them with modern methods.