Bright colors

The sophomore Graphic Design and Communications students recently completed a beverage photo shoot with great results. The images show delicious looking drinks and reflect a great deal of planning by the students.

The assignment was to make the beverage look as good as possible – hot drinks need to look hot, cold drinks must look cold. Background choice is a big factor as well – dark can appear more elegant, but light may give a refreshing feel.

Seeing the light

Understand how exposure works in the world of photography can be a little confusing. To demonstrate the effects of shutter speed, students used tiny flashlights in a dark setting to “draw” pictures with light. They came up with creative ideas and executed them well. The group project helped reinforce how a long shutter speed and low light can create an image.

The ‘Color’ of Money

First year students in the Graphic Design and Communications program recently learned how type, color and imagery work together to influence the ‘voice’ or personality of a design. Students were given the task of redesigning one of the most ubiquitous items in our society — the one dollar bill — using historical design movements as inspiration.