Creative Collaboration: Timeboxing


An efficient creative process affords designers a powerful method for solving design problems, but often individuals ‘short change’ a step because they believe it will give them quicker results. In a recent creative collaboration exercise, first year Graphic Design and Communications students were organized into teams. Each team drew three random cards: one had a descriptive phrase, another a product/service and the third a target audience. The teams were tasked with creating a visual identity for their chosen categories making sure to devote a specified amount of time to each step of the creative process. By ‘timeboxing’ collaboratively, the teams were able to develop an original concept and produce results in just a couple hours. A team spokesperson then presented the finished concepts to all participants, explaining the rationale behind the team’s design choices. In the end all individuals had the opportunity to ‘vote’ for their favorite concept using a ballot of post-it notes. The work was challenging given the time constraints, but each team did a great job of working through the process.

Creative Process

First year students in Bismarck State College’s Graphic Design and Communications program recently learned how to work through the creative process. Each student was asked to develop a character that clearly depicts an emotion and then proceed through the process creating thumbnail sketches, roughs and a final inking. It’s important for students of design to learn how to work through this process, not only for illustration, but for any design project. Doing so guarantees that an abundance of ideas are explored and considered before final production begins.




Hidden talent of students

The world can be a rough place. What we need are more heroes, but somewhere inside each of us a superhero lives. The sophomore BSC Graphic Design and Communications Students used Photoshop to create alter egos of themselves as superheroes, or super villains in a couple cases. The results are interesting and creative.

The Heiress: A Tale of Collaboration

The Graphic Design and Communications Department has the privilege of working with one of the top theater troupes in the region. Our very own Theater Department here at Bismarck State College. Advanced design students work with Dan Rogers to develop print materials for each play. This year’s first play is the “The Heiress”. A costume drama set in the 1850s about love and love lost. Students rented costumes, did on-location photo shoots and did their  research to give a “look and feel” for this project. Here are some of the posters that Dan and the cast will have to choose.

Not the same old story

It’s a great time of year – the weather is beautiful and it’s great to have students back in the classroom. The students have wonderful creative energy and are ready to learn.

Everyone needs a little review to get back into school. To help the sophomore Graphic Design and Communications students get off to a solid start a project was designed that would utilize their photography, Photoshop and design skills. The idea was to make an old story come to life with new images. The story chosen was The Tortoise and the Hare. Students were allowed to modify the text a bit and told to avoid using a turtle and a rabbit – think more creatively. The pieces below are examples from that group project.