The first week is behind us

The first week of school meant life changing experiences for many Bismarck State College freshmen. The incoming class in the Graphic Design and Communications Department was filled with creativity and enthusiasm. It was impossible not to feel the energy from the new students.

The sophomore class returned to an environment they are familiar with to build on knowledge they have earned. They came prepared to work and are looking into the future – portfolio building and industry employment.

Creative thinking project

One of the first assignments the freshman class did was for Sean Thorenson’s Digital Illustration class. Sean put together a series of lines and had the students fill in the rest.

The assignment isn’t about drawing, it’s about thinking. Filling in the gaps in otherwise meaningless lines is a great way to begin the creative process.

After a couple days of work the students hung their completed drawings and both sections of freshman critiqued them as a group. The three instructors did most of the talking, but that will change as the students start building relationships with each other.

Below are a few of the drawings – there are no great or poor pieces in an exercise like this, only ideas.