GDC on Display

Right on schedule — or maybe a few minutes past the 11:00am deadline — the sophomore Graphic Design and Communications classes completed their display cases. The active learning project requires students to research, design and build a display case on topics related to design or photography. The project not only reinforces the digital skills students acquire over the first year of the program, it’s a great way to introduce some analog production techniques.

‘Oh Snap!’ deconstructs the basics of how a camera works. One of the props is a gigantic cut-away camera.
A larger-than-life ‘man of steel’ anchors ‘Comic Ka-Boom’, a display featuring heroes and villains from the Golden Age of comics.

Annual Stop-Motion Halloween Film Fest

Amazing what a little creativity on the whiteboard can do. Our first year students worked in groups to brainstorm a story idea and then went about recreating the tale visually, capturing each moment with a digital camera. The 300+ frames were stitched together to create the final animated productions. The votes were close, but one emerged as the class favorite. Which one do you think it was?

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

New printer

It arrived in boxes, but now it can stand on its own. The GDC Department purchased a Roland BN20, we won’t be able to finish the final set up and run test prints for a week or so, but we are looking forward to learning a new technology.

Number in pictures

Infographics are an interesting way to blend statistical data and design. Charts show trends, but color and design can convey emotion too. The sophomore class worked to research and build infographics as an assignment. There were a number of very strong pieces, these are some of the strongest.

I think Paul got the promotion

A favorite Friday exercise for freshmen is loosely based on a game called “Get Paul a Promotion.” We throw out the rules and use our own set.

Students draw text from three envelopes – one is an audience, then there is a description and a product. The goal (from the teacher perspective) is for students to draw three completely juxtaposed pieces, three that are going to be difficult to represent visually.

This year, we added a fresh group of terms and the freshmen didn’t disappoint us – they took the cues in stride and came up with creative and well illustrated solutions.

A fire alarm that is rugged and reliable for WWII Vets. The solution involved a slide that took the people safely to the ground. Innovative and bizarre – definitely what we are after.
A vehicle with technology developed by NASA for the military. This one sounds a bit too real. Love the chameleon color changing paint and multi-fuel.
A new and improved cold and flu medication aimed at police. The audience makes this one tough – what makes it special for law enforcement?
A vintage or retro laptop, the audience – Canadians. Again, how does it fit just our neighbors to the north? Turns out that the product isn’t much different, but the advertising would be. Very smart.
An affordable smartphone app for Old West re-enactors. Tough draw, but a very creative social media-like app with great illustrations.

Say What?

Quotes get the type treatment in Typography Class. These are just a few of the quote posters from first year students in the Graphic Design and Communications at BSC.

Luis Vilella
Scout Wheeler
Jaiden Ziegler
Natalia Sotomayor
Sophia Jilek

GDC Students Win Six Addys

On Friday, February 26 the North Dakota chapter of the American Advertising Federation held their annual Awards Show in recognition of the region’s best advertising. Members and participants were able to log on to view and take part in AAF-ND’s live broadcast of the ‘At Ease’ Awards Show as winners were announced. Five Bismarck State College Graphic Design and Communications students received Addy Awards for excellence in their respective categories; second-year students Breien Berger, Alison Krein, Peter Pavek, Hailee Presser and Regan Reidlinger.

Regan Reidlinger took home a Gold Addy for her Magazine Ad Campaign for 701 Bakery.

Hailee Presser won a Silver Addy for her illustration for the McQuade’s Annual Softball Tournament.

Presser also won a Silver Addy for her integrated Ad Campaign for Danke Dough.

Breien Berger received a Silver Addy for her Consumer Campaign for Berger Sauce.

Peter Pavek won a Silver Addy for his photograph ‘Bully’.

Alison Krein won a Silver Addy for her poster design.

2021 AdFed winners from left to right – Hailee Presser (two silvers), Alison Krein, Regan Riedlinger (gold winner), Pete Pavek being blocked by Breien Berger. Congratulations on your awards and the recognition that hard work pays off.